Mentoring involves a select group of AFL players, business and community leaders who are supported by Ladder to develop a positive and meaningful relationship with a young person. They become a trusted support and advocate and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Ladder mentoring enhances social cohesion, life skills, increases networks and opportunities for young people, provides a healthier understanding of positive relationships, a sense of belonging and improved connection within the community in which young people live, work and play. Through this rewarding experience there is significant scope to learn a variety of skills and become a positive role model in a young person’s life.

Ladder mentoring focuses on young people’s strengths and what they can achieve, moving away from the cycle of disadvantage and negativity they may have experienced in their lives. Mentoring relationships are for young people who are motivated to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. Mentors and young people are matched based on their shared interests and desires.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ladder Mentoring program is only available in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.

Interested in becoming a Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley mentor? please complete the form by clicking here

Please note that we hope to respond to all expressions of interest within 3 working days.

The mentoring process

Ladder undergo a formal process to ensure that our young people are matched with an appropriate mentor.

Mentoring commitment for 1:1 program

  • An up-to 12 month commitment from both mentor and mentee
  • Fortnightly communication via phone call, text, social media or email
  • Organised meetings monthly of various activities discussed and goals set
  • Mentoring relationships are frequently monitored and requires regular communication and contact by Ladder staff
  • One formalised touchpoint halfway through the relationship with mentor, mentee and Ladder staff to assess goals and relationship
  • A formalised closure process at the end of the relationship

Testimonials from young people in the Ladder mentoring program

"I see her as more of a friend now after so long, we do things I would never have done on my own and having someone who doesn’t judge me based off my past is just great."

"Just the connection we have and the genuine interest showed in me, I see her now as one of my closest friends. The postcard that she sent to me was amazing. It was the first time I ever received something like that. It meant so much."

"This mentoring match has had a massive impact on my life. I love hanging out no matter what activity we do. This is a life time friend I have gained, and the sense of empowerment and support I get, I never thought it would be this good."

Meet Jemma and Steph, Ladder Mentor and Ladder Mentee

As soon as Jemma and Steph had officially been matched it took little time for the pair to organise their first initial catch up. After this first touchpoint the relationship immediately heightened. Both Jemma and Steph wanted to share their story and experience in being a part of the mentoring program.

Meet Darcy Moore, Ladder Mentor

Darcy Moore is a current AFL player and has been part of the Ladder program since 2015. Since he began mentoring, he has seen his mentee develop into an energetic young person, who secured private rental and was accepted into university on a scholarship.

Program partner support

Ladder is proud to partner with Swinburne University of Technology and its Emerging Leader and Early Leader Programs. Through the Emerging Leaders Program, Ladder mentors who successfully complete the 12-month formal mentoring program, including reflection and evaluation, are eligible for the Emerging Leader Community Engagement Certificate. The certificate recognises the effort, persistence and leadership required to achieve specific goals and form a strong and sustainable mentoring relationship. Ladder mentees, who participate actively in the mentoring program in pursuit of work and study goals, will be eligible for the Early Leader Career Development Certificate.

Ladder has proudly partnered with alffie to develop and deliver an online training program for prospective Ladder mentors. alffie is an experienced Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that prides itself on creating innovative, engaging and user-friendly online learning experiences. Together, Ladder and alffie have built an online training program designed to equip Ladder mentors with the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to confidently, safely and effectively support a young person throughout a 12-month mentor-mentee relationship. This program aims to ensure consistent and robust training for all Ladder mentors.

If you have any queries or require more information on the Ladder Mentoring program, please email[email protected]