We exist to make young people’s lives better.

Ladder delivers tailored development and mentoring programs to young people across Australia. We do this through the following key delivery streams:

Ladder Step Up Program: This is an education, employment and training pathways program delivered by Ladder as the lead agency. This program supports young people to build foundational skills and self-efficacy, and test and engage in education, employment and training opportunities. Ladder Step Up programs are currently operating in Victoria and NSW.

Ladder Mentoring: Ladder is a leader in youth mentoring, delivering a unique program that utilises elite sportsmen and women (including AFL and AFLW players), community and corporate leaders as mentors. Mentors help young people to achieve their identified goals and advance their personal and professional development. Mentoring can be delivered in a 1:1 or group setting.

Ladder Step Up Online: This is an online group mentoring program that builds young people’s competency across key life domains. This pilot program is delivered weekly to young people who are looking to set themselves up for future independence. Key program areas include goal setting, independent living skills, health and wellbeing and employment planning.

Ladder Step Up Schools: This program assists schools to engage and retain students who are at-risk of disengaging from education. A key element of the program is how Ladder works in partnership with the school community to support students to build positive connections with their peers and improve their skills in critical life domains.

Community Partnership Programs: Ladder loves to work in partnership with other community or AFL industry organisations. Community Partnership Programs refer to initiatives where we work with a partner organisation to achieve the specified goals.

Ladder strategic initiatives/special projects: Ladder is well placed to deliver special projects that align with our purpose. From Youth Week events, to strategic development, we are always open to exploring these opportunities.