Over our 17-year history, Ladder has provided support to thousands of young people in need across Australia. Ladder relies heavily on community support and donations to deliver our programs to help these young people reach their full potential.

Any donation, large or small can make a real difference to the impact Ladder has on young people in our programs.

Over the past 12 months, young people in our Ladder programs have achieved the following outcomes: 

  • 100% had an increase in self-efficacy and a sense of belonging.
  • 100% had an improvement in their wellbeing and quality of life.
  • 100% feel more independent.
  • 100% improved their physical health.
  • 85% are now engaged in education, employment or training.

The impact of your donation will help us support young people to kick goals through our youth development and mentoring programs.

Please donate now to ensure that Ladder can continue to provide that support.