Last week we had five more young people graduate from our Ladder Step up Latrobe Valley program. 

Program 16 participants showed an amazing amount of resilience, having to adapt so quickly from face-to-face sessions to online because of Covid restrictions. Nevertheless, this extremely resilient and persistent group were able to get through these challenging times with some clear goals for themselves in education, employment or training. 

They also made a significant contribution to Morwell Neighbourhood House, assisting with preparing and cooking over 150 meals to go into the food bank to assist the local community who are finding it challenging during these times. 

They remained really engaged with all the online activities set out by their Development Coaches and since graduating, are now ready to move on to either TAFE courses or employment. We wish them all the very best and will continue to support them every step of the way. 

We would again like to thank our program partners Morwell Neighbourhood House and Latrobe Valley Authority for being there at our online graduation and for their continued support. 

Below is a reflection sent from Keisha, a program participant. 

While in the Ladder program, I learned many things. 

They taught me to take risks and to jump at opportunities that come my way. 
To be confident in what I can do and to stand tall even if I've faced failure. 
I've learned that meeting new people sometimes isn't a scary thing. 
That it's okay to stop what I'm doing and to take a breath when you need it. 
I've learned to never give up and to keep on climbing, no matter how much I've complained. 
They taught me that good people come in all shapes and sizes. 
I've learned that I should always feel like a winner, even when I've lost. 
They showed me it's okay to be me, that it's okay to be wrong sometimes. 
They taught me it's okay to speak up, that it's good to be over-prepared and that it's normal to have off days. 
I've learned that relationships are important and that you should always try to keep them healthy.
They showed me it's okay to let go, that it's okay to ask for help and to strive to be happy. 
Because of you, I was able to look at myself in the mirror and say "I feel pretty." I was able to say "I am confident and strong."
I'm so grateful for all the things you all taught me so thank you Ryan, Ash and Squid. Thank you so much. 

To find out more about Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley and Program 17 which will be commencing shortly, click here