Tim was introduced to the Step Up Sydney program through his after-care worker. After an introduction to Ladder with a Development Coach, Tim knew that he wanted to participate because he had some personal and employment goals and he felt the program could help him achieve these.

Tim identified that he wanted to get his mental health back on track and work on his physical fitness to live a healthier life. Tim wants to join the Defence Force and is carving out some time to study for his enrolment exam. In addition to joining the Defence Force, Tim wants to engage in training to become a mechanic.

Tim completely engaged in the program and recently graduated. He appreciates the program and Development Coaches in helping him work towards and achieve his goals.

They have helped me budget with my money, make smarter spending decisions, learn how to cook delicious home cooked meals, improved my fitness by participating in sports, boxing classes and gym sessions, and they have also given me the chance to make new friends which I have done”

Once graduated, Tim was offered the opportunity to become a program Youth Mentor for future groups of young people who engage in the program. Tim is excited about his role and is really looking forward to working with the young people.

 “I can definitely bring leadership skills as I have that within me. I'm hoping to show them that there are people like them that have been in the same boat as them and that we can help you become better… I am able to put myself in other people’s shoes and understand where they are coming from.”

 When asked what advice Tim would give to other young people who were thinking about completing the program, he said:

“Take this as a great opportunity to learn heaps of new stuff and new skills. If you struggle to make friends then this place is a great place to make friends and it’s loads of fun.”