Long time Ladder supporter and North Melbourne Football Club Player, Trent Dumont has allowed Ladder's young people to engage with a unique and in depth look into his meditation and mindfulness routine. 

AFL Players continue to provide insights into their daily lives throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic through Ladders online player series. Ladder not only aims to support young people with education, training and employment goals, but to also to ensure young people are supported in developing and sourcing different ways to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

Throughout this time, it is especially important that people are finding a way to regularly check in with themself and look after their emotional and mental wellbeing, these personal check ins can be done through a number of routines that Trent shares with program participants.

With a range of different breathing techniques, body scanning techniques and meditation techniques, Trent delivers a number of activities for Ladders young people to try out and begin their meditation and mindfulness journey.

Hear from Trent and join him in a range of mindfulness and meditation techniques in the video below.