Engagement in education, employment and training is a key indicator of the wellbeing of a young person and is a critical factor in a socially inclusive and prosperous community. Strong evidence also indicates that employment can decrease the risk of depression and improves general mental health.

At Ladder, we dedicate a core part of the program to job readiness which includes resume writing. This is to ensure young people who have identified sustained employment as a goal are adequately prepared and ready to engage upon graduation.

Recently, Ladder Development Coaches ran a session on writing resumes and cover letters with Program 22 participants. The session involved young people working together in group activities and then individually developing their own resume and cover letter for their industry of choice.

"I learnt that not all skills are things like using computers or having a certificate in an area. Skills can be things like effective communication and being a team player.” – Program participant

The Development Coaches could see the self-efficacy in participants increase during the session when young people realised how far they had come since commencing the program. All the young people successfully created their resume, and the Ladder Development Coaches will now support them to apply for employment in their chosen industry.