Riley is a Step Up Sydney graduate and received the ‘Coaches Award’ at our recent end of year celebration. The Development Coaches believed that she had put a lot of effort into her progress throughout the program and turned up to each session and put her best foot forward, despite the challenges and setbacks she faced. She has never given up and has always been ready to try different strategies to get to her end goal.

One of Riley’s goals was to write her resume so that she could apply for jobs in future. Together with her Development Coaches, Riley developed her resume and recently landed a job in the hospitality sector, crediting the Step Up Sydney program for getting her there.

“Ladder supported me because they helped me to fix up my resume even though I have no experience.”

Ladder also worked with Riley around a number of Ladder Development Programs (LDPs) focussed on becoming job ready.

“They helped on how to apply for jobs and helped me with interview questions which helped me get my mind set on what I will have to say, and they guided me.”

Despite her nerves, Riley is very much looking forward to starting her new job. She will utilise the social skills she also acquired in the program to overcome her nerves and speak with the customers and staff.

Riley is so content with where her life is right now and she will only continue to set new goals and work towards achieving them.

“I made more friends and I got successful in life by the staff at Ladder helping me achieve my goals and I feel successful now!”