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Kade's story

At the beginning of the Ladder program, Kade, 16, set goals relating to resilience, employment, health and wellbeing and committed to maintaining a high program attendance.

Kade had previously decided not to return to education but was committed to gaining employment. He had never had a resume and cover letter, so he worked closely with the Ladder Development Coaches to complete these. Kade set himself a goal to obtain employment by the end of the program.

Kade excelled especially in health and wellbeing sessions which were held at Penrith YMCA and he set himself a new goal to re-engage in martial arts. Kade’s hygiene was an area that needed improvement, and this was worked on in both group and individual sessions with his Development Coach. Towards the end of the 8-week program, Kade had improved greatly and this was demonstrated by him consistently washing his Ladder uniform ahead of sessions. Maintaining a consistent sleep pattern is another area of focus for Kade who is aware of how a lack of sleep impacts on his punctuality and performance the following day. While there have been moments of relapse, Kade is diligently working towards this goal and has improved substantially.

Kade was very engaged with all programs scheduled by Ladder. He maintained a 90 per cent attendance rate and showed great enthusiasm at all of the sessions.

His confidence grew throughout the Ladder program and he became more at ease in the group sessions. He engaged well with the program content and has an aptitude for learning, which was demonstrated when he won 4 end-of-session quizzes.

This confidence and positivity were witnessed outside of the Ladder program too. Kade’s caseworker and other workers reported back to the Ladder Development Coach that his enthusiasm and positive attitude was continuously being displayed and it was thanks to the Ladder program.

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