This week we kick started a new program in the Latrobe Valley with 10 new young people.

At the start of every program, we work with our young people to identify the goals they wish to achieve over the duration of the program, and we assist them to develop a ‘Game plan’. Once the 'Game plan' is created, we work together to build the groups values and expectations of one another and the Ladder team. Then we sign ‘The Deal’.

'The Deal' acts as a mini contract, teaching young people the importance of what a contract is, what it represents and their responsibility in what they are signing and committing to.

This is an important element of the Step Up program as ‘The Deal’ empowers young people to hold themselves accountable to attend program, be willing to participate in all activities and to live by and hold one another accountable to the values and expectations that they have set together as a group.

It also empowers young people in their daily lives and their future education, employment and training pathways as they will be equipped to commit to and sign future employment, phone or course contracts. This is an important living and life skill and one that leads to increased self-efficacy and independence.