The Ladder program in the Latrobe Valley continue to engage new mentors with our first virtual mentoring interview.

Australian Paper employee, local Football Umpire, Tv Extra and exemplary community member, Peter, was Ladders first virtual mentoring interviewee.

Peter decided that whilst there are many things one cannot control during this period, he could control his response by sharing his ability to positively impact a young person at this time and into the future. 

Whilst Peters desire to support a young person was not driven by the current Covid-19 isolation period, this timing has afforded him the opening to explore our program in more detail. Peter immediately submitted his application, demonstrating his dedication to uplifting a young person in our local community as priority.

Peter is the first to admit the virtual space his not his forte but has not let this deter him from reaching out to a young person at this time, acknowledging that young people now need our support more than ever.

“My experiences may help someone, but either way I can be a connection and hopefully with guidance I can support a young person for the future".

Peter feels his pending mentor match will be mutually beneficial as he enjoys a number of outdoor activities but with his own children now in their 20’s, he often finds himself fishing solo and would like to be able to offer opportunities and experiences in the outdoors to someone who may not be able to organise this themselves for a variety of reasons.

Peter expresses his desire to become a reliable connection and if that develops into a friendship it would be a “beautiful thing” but at the end of the day “if I can just help someone improve their outlook on life I will be happy."

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