Ladder Development Coach Brittany Bonnici recently completed her Youth Mental Health First Aid training course at Mental Health First Aid Australia. Brittany is now accredited and will soon commence delivering Mental Health First Aid to young people in Ladder programs, Ladder staff and through Ladder Community Partnerships and AFL/AFLW players.

“Mental Health First Aid training is so important because 1 in 5 young people experience a mental health concern and people are often trained to respond to physical health concerns, but not mental health concerns” Brittany said.

Brittany completed the training successfully and the key learning she took away from the course was around the importance and difference in approaching young people with each different mental health illness. And how the environment plays a major part in the outcome of these conversations. Brittany’s new skills will enhance Ladder’s program offering to young people in the area of health and wellbeing, an area of program delivery since establishment.

As we mark Mental Health Week this week across all Ladder programs, we asked Brittany to give us a good mental health tip.

“Find what works for you when you feel good, so you have it easily accessible for when you don’t.”