We recently celebrated the fourth Step Up Inner Gippsland program. The program has concluded with remarkable achievements, highlighting the transformative impact the program has had on the lives of young people in Baw Baw and Bass Coast, Victoria. This graduation marks not just the end of another successful program but also provides an opportunity to reflect on the overall success and outcomes of all four programs delivered.

The Step Up Inner Gippsland program focuses on supporting young people aged 12 – 18, who are disengaged or at risk of disengaging from education, training, or employment.

The program consists of two parts, group mentoring and 1:1 outreach to build young people’s skills in all areas of life and more broadly aims to equip and empower participants to achieve stability in training, education, or employment.

It was very evident with our recent graduates that they achieved all of this and more with the help of their Ladder Development Coaches.

During the fourth program, several participants made significant strides in their educational and personal development:

Educational enrolments: Two young people completed a TAFE tour and as a result, enrolled in a TAFE course.
Certification achievement: One young person completed the Gippsland Trade and Labour 10-day certificate course.
School re-engagement: Three young people have re-engaged in school.

The Step Up Inner Gippsland program has profoundly impacted the lives of its participants, equipping them with the skills, confidence, and support needed to navigate their educational and career paths.

One young person highlighted how “Ladder really helped me feel motivated again after I’d been out of school for a long time”.

 Upon completing the Step Up Inner Gippsland programs: 

  • 10 young people have re-engaged in school
  • Five young people have enrolled in TAFE courses
  • One young person has engaged in training
  • Two young people have gained employment 


  • 87% of all participants agreed they built a trusting relationship with Ladder staff
  • 87% agreed their Game Plan helped them identify and work on their goals
  • 80% believed the Ladder program helped them learn new things to improve their everyday life
  • 80% were proud of their achievements with Ladder
  • 80% agreed Ladder helped them choose an educational pathway
  • 100% would recommend the Ladder program

Overall, our young people throughout all programs truly pushed beyond their comfort zones, achieving both significant and smaller milestones with the guidance of their Ladder Development Coaches.

We would like to thank the Australian Government Department of Social Services for implementing four successful Step Up Inner Gippsland programs in the Baw Baw and Bass Coast region of Victoria.