Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of another wonderful group of Ladder participants.

Graduation is an important part of the Ladder Program as it acknowledges all the achievements of the young people. Family members, their case workers, Ladder staff and local stakeholders are invited to attend as it’s important for these people to hear all the accomplishments the young people have achieved.

By the end of this program the young people were more confident, independent and motivated which is a representation of all they work they’ve done throughout the 6-week program.

We sat down with our newly graduates to discuss what the Ladder program has meant to them.

What is one thing that you achieved in the program that you thought you never could do?

“Going outside my comfort zone to make new friends and socialise. Also finding the confidence to look for work.”
“Creating a better resume that would be more helpful to get a job.”
“Being able to apply for jobs easier.”
“Being able to make a well-presented resume.”
“Meeting new people, making friends and being able to socialise in a comfortable setting.”

What is one thing that you have learned from being part of the program?

“If you need to talk to someone you always have someone to talk to even though you might not feel like there are people, there to lean on for support.”
“Everything was a new learning experience or a refresh on what I already knew.”
“Getting mock job interview experience which will be helpful when I get the opportunity for an interview.”
“Everything in regards to interviews, what to wear, how to answer questions, etc.”
“The process of preparing work getting a job, interview outfits, how to do interview.”

All the young people have a newfound confidence in themselves and feel they are equipped with the skills to either start looking or continue looking for work. Ladder will continue to support them on their employment journeys.

Morwell Neighbourhood House and their social enterprise A Kinder Cup café have supported the Ladder program for many years now, providing meaningful volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships for our young people. They have also hosted our recent graduations in Latrobe Valley including today.  

“Ladder give the young people the opportunity to get back into education and/or employment. Ladder is also needed as it uplifts the young people, increasing their self-worth and confidence throughout their time in the program. I think the program is extremely effective especially for those young people who are willing to fully involve themselves in the program, this can be seen from the young people getting back into education or securing a job. All the incredible success stories is a massive example of how effective the program is!”

– Brooke, Project Support Worker at Morwell Neighbourhood House