Ladder is proud to announce a new $35,000 partnership with Bank Australia that will deliver mentoring to young people in the Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley program.

Over the next 18 months, Ladder will be delivering the Step Up Latrobe Valley pilot program in partnership with the Latrobe Valley Authority to help kick start the career prospects of more than 60 local young people aged between 16 and 25.

The Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley program helps young people build on their strengths and explore different jobs and industries. In the six-week program, young people will learn from those in the AFL industry about how to get the best out of themselves and secure a job that they aspire to.

Young people will participate in individual and group development sessions, group camps, community projects and have work experience opportunities. They’ll receive support from a Ladder Development Coach throughout the program, and will also have the option to be mentored for 12 months after completion, as they work towards a life, study or employment goal.

The program launched in April 2018 and the first 10 young people graduated from their development training in June. Some of the participants have already got their aspirations set on their next study, work and life steps.

We're delighted that Bank Australia will be supporting the mentoring component of the program, which will see local community and business leaders mentor young people to help build their confidence and employment outcomes. Bank Australia staff will be encouraged to volunteer as mentors to the six cohorts of young people who will undergo the development program in Moe.

Research shows that mentoring improves outcomes for young people across behavioural, social, economic and academic domains.

For mentors, the experience can be defining and outcomes for them commonly include having an enhanced self-image and sense of self-worth and a feeling of satisfaction from giving back to the community.

All mentors and mentees go through a screening, matching and training process to ensure that they are suitable and equipped to perform the role, and have the opportunity to provide individual or group mentoring.

Ladder mentor Jemma has worked with Steph in Melbourne and said that mentoring a young person has meant “meeting someone who can genuinely change your life.” Her mentee Steph says that being mentored has “given her confidence in what she can achieve … and hope for her future.” Hear more about Steph and Jemma’s story:

To find out more about our Mentoring Program or to become a Ladder mentor, get in touch with us by calling 03 9416 0064 or emailing [email protected]

Each year, Bank Australia invests 4% of after tax profits into the Impact Fund, which is used to fund programs that will benefit people and the planet. Our customers have told us that addressing educational disadvantage is important to them, and the Ladder partnership is one of the ways we’re investing to make a positive impact.