The Sir Doug Nicholls Round is a cherished fixture in the AFL calendar. Rounds ten and eleven are dedicated to celebrating and paying tribute to First Nations people including Sir Doug Nicholls, who made a significant impact to the game.

This year, the Sir Doug Nicholls Round embraces the theme “Spirit Strong, Game On.” This theme is a powerful acknowledgment of the enduring resilience and strength of First Nations peoples.

This week, Ladder participants learned more about Sir Doug Nicholls and his legacy to the game. In line with the iconic club guernseys that highlight team’s connections to Indigenous cultures, our First Nations young people participated in their own storytelling by designing their own Ladder guernsey. Participants were given Ladder shirts to create their initial designs.

Mark recently joined the Step Up Sydney program and despite his shy, reserved nature, he came out of his shell and showed great enthusiasm in designing his Ladder guernsey. 

Mark designed water holes on the back of the guernsey to represent different tribes. He also included the Aboriginal sun on the front and the paw prints are that of Kangaroos. Mark will continue completing his guernsey in the coming days and Ladder will look to have the participant’s designs printed on to guernseys. 

Our young people enjoyed taking part in this reflective activity, learning more about the impact of First Nations players and look forward to watching Dreamtime at the G tomorrow.