Ladder participants have recently completed the "Serving the Valley" hospitality course, offered by the Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House. This fast-tracked program equips participants with the necessary skills to work in the hospitality industry. Participants who completed the course received important certifications, such as Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Food Handlers Certificate, which are highly valuable in securing employment in this field.

Throughout the course, our young people had the opportunity to gain practical experience and put their skills to the test during a community lunch. They were initially nervous but quickly overcame their anxiety and successfully provided customer service, took orders, prepared meals, and cleaned up afterwards.

One participant shared, "I was genuinely nervous and felt quite sick before starting the service today. However, I felt more relaxed as the service went on. I'm really glad I took this opportunity for myself and now I feel perfectly fine."

This course has not only boosted our Ladder participants' confidence but also provided them with valuable experience for future employment in the hospitality industry. It has also allowed them to build connections within the community and contribute to local initiatives.

Another participant expressed their appreciation, stating, "I was a little on edge about this course considering its short duration, but I realised there was so much to learn. I found all the experience gained to be worth it, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the advice I received."

At the end of the day, the young people felt a great sense of pride and are now motivated to take the next steps in their employment journey.

We extend our gratitude to the Latrobe Valley Authority, Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House, and Workforce Australia for their support in making this course and experience possible for our Ladder participants.