As part of our Employment, Education and Training Learning Development Programs (LDPs), Ladder participants are supported in identifying a pathway or pathways into their future employment.

Ladder participants recently engaged in a range of sessions that assist in becoming job ready and help identify the pathways needed to get there.

At the beginning of this current program, we had 50% of participants identify they would like to obtain employment post program. Recently we had 100% of participants identify that they would like to obtain either casual, part time or full time employment post program along with exploring opportunities in returning to school or enrolling in a TAFE course.

Each young person was tasked to prepare to be interviewed for a specific job of interest to them. They learned how to respond to behavioural-based interview questions using the Situation, Task, Action, Result (S.T.A.R.) method. As some of our young people do not have current work experience history to draw upon for interviews, our Development Coaches worked with them to identify how they have demonstrated different skills in program and encouraged them to reflect on their personal experiences to respond to key interview questions.

“I was unaware of the S.T.A.R response when doing a job interview until today, it helped me a lot” – Program participant.

The Development Coaches also worked with each young person through a series of techniques for dealing with pressure and the anxiety that may come around when preparing for a job interview and battling nerves. At the beginning of this program, 50% of participants reported feeling anxious in social settings. Mid way through, the program participants have reported that 90% have learnt tools to lower stress levels and 90% reported feeling less anxious in social settings.

Each participant then engaged in a mock interview with our wonderful ANZ volunteers who have been supporting Ladder since 2018 through mentorship and fundraising events.

Below is a reflection from one of our participants after their mock interview.

“I wasn’t too nervous leading into the interview; I was more unsure about how it was going to work but got nervous when I walked into the room to start the interview. During the interview I was asked questions about my strengths and weaknesses and why I want to work in the field I was interviewing for. My ANZ mentors and Ladder staff gave me some great feedback so I can be fully prepared for a real interview. I feel relieved and was pretty happy with how I performed in the interview. Ladder has prepared me to become more confident in myself and have more trust in myself. Interviews aren’t as hard as it sounds, but through this experience, I am well equipped for interviews in the future.”

“Volunteering with Ladder is a great opportunity. Being able to guide and help the young people grow confidence is so rewarding” – Joe, ANZ mentor.

After completing these job ready sessions, our young people feel more comfortable and competent with job applications, interviews and what is required to gain employment. They have taken in all the skills they’ve learned and have a newfound confidence in themselves to commence seeking employment.