This week Ladder team member and previous program participant, Lacey was invited along to Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) to co-host the weekly AFL Record preview with Julian De Stoop and Liam Pickering.

Lacey was shown around the offices and studio before she met Liam Pickering and John Donohoe, her co-hosts for the day. 

As part of the segment, Liam spoke about Ladder and asked Lacey what Ladder has been doing in the community.

“From personal experience, Ladder helped me get a job and gave me the experiences I need in everyday life and gave me the support and motivation to just persist in everything I wanted to do.” Lacey said.

Since joining the team at Ladder earlier this month, Lacey has hit the ground running. She’s been busy getting to grips with how Ladder programs are delivered as well as participating in opportunities like these. 

“Ladder gave me the courage to get up and take the chance. I was well prepared with what I had to speak about, and I had a lot of encouragement and support that made it easier. I felt proud of myself because I hadn’t done something like that before and I was happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and did well at something I’ve never done in the past. I gained confidence being in front of the camera. I love being a part of Ladder!”

We would like to thank the Sports Entertainment Network for this wonderful opportunity and for supporting Ladder young people and our programs.