Jen joined the Ladder Step Up Sydney program in April this year with several goals she wanted to achieve including learning about budgeting, resume writing, social skills and healthy relationships. Jen also wanted to gain the confidence to take public transport independently.

Throughout the program, Jen’s Development Coach supported her to continue working towards her goals. A big step for Jen was no longer feeling anxious about catching the bus to the Ladder program which she eventually completed unassisted. With the help of her Development Coach, Jen learned to confidently research where she wanted to go and how she would get there, which greatly benefited her day-to-day life.

Jen really wanted to work on her social skills and attributes the program to building her skills in this area.

“I learned how to make friends by my Development Coaches teaching me what to do and what to say. I did these things and I've made two new friends at school.”

When Jen was asked what she enjoyed most about the program, she said “I liked learning new skills and putting them into practice.”

Since graduating, Jen was linked in with a local youth group and has been attending every Friday where she’s enjoyed making even more friends.

Jen has continued working on her budgeting skills with her Development Coach. She has made some significant changes to her finances and is now trying to save for a new iPad to assist her with schooling.

Now as part of the alumni program, Jen’s next goals are to get her learner’s permit and become job ready. She is currently working with her Development Coach to write up her own resume and is excited for what’s to come.