Harmonee first joined the Ladder program during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdowns and like her peers, she participated remotely by logging online to the Zoom sessions.

While this was an adaptation to the traditional face-to-face Ladder programs, Harmonee found comfort by logging on every day, during what was an isolating and difficult time for most young people.

Harmonee’s self-identified goals whilst in the Ladder program were to build her self-confidence, engage with other young people and work toward returning to study. Harmonee showed incredible commitment to herself and the program, not missing one day of programming, being incredible supportive of all the participants in the group and challenging herself to achieve her identified goals. Throughout the program Harmonee’s confidence grew, she became a leader amongst her peers and identified that she would like to study Midwifery.

Harmonee graduated receiving the ‘Best on Ground’ award for her positive attitude and her continued support of others. Once graduated Harmonee continued to remain involved as an Alumni member and returned to the next program as a peer support leader. Harmonee led from the front as a previous participant and set great standards for new participants of the program, while also providing positive encouragement to her peers to give everything a go, making her an excellent team player and wonderful peer support leader. During this time Harmonee, with the support of Ladder Development Coaches, began to investigate Midwifery courses. Harmonee identified a course and sent through her application.

Unfortunately, Harmonee did not receive a place in the course and like any one was affected by this outcome. Harmonee continued to work with Ladder Development Coaches to identify alternative educational pathways and showed her incredible resilience despite her disappointment. During one of the Alumni check-ins, it was identified that Harmonee had reassessed her education, employment and training goals and now wanted to explore employment opportunities, which required more 1:1 support to achieve this goal. Ladder Development Coaches informed Harmonee of a new program that Ladder was running and asked if Harmonee would like to be a part of this program. Harmonee began the new program and continued to flourish and achieved her employment goal by gaining employment at Woolworths.

‘Being in the Ladder program has showed me so many things. I’ve experienced stuff I never thought I would, but also pushing myself, the more you push yourself the more you realise ‘I can do this’

Harmonee continues to be supported by Ladder and works towards other goals that she has set for herself; one main goal of Harmonee’s is to become more independent and she is working towards living independently.

During Harmonee’s engagement with Ladder everyone has seen her flourish and grow into an amazing, determined young woman. Harmonee has a beautiful nurturing side and is more than happy to assist other people freely and she does this instinctively without encouragement from others. Harmonee has achieved so much in a short period of time with her involvement with Ladder, we are incredibly proud of Harmonee and can not wait to see what’s next for her.

We understand that not all young people’s journeys are linear. Ladder provides support at any and across multiple points of a young person’s life, to help them tackle the next challenge ahead.

‘I’ve gained so much respect and confidence from getting support from the Ladder program, but a big thank you to the Development Coaches for them giving me support and helping me with finding a little spark in me to be the greatest person I could be, so thank you :))’