GWS Giants Ladder Ambassador, Haneen Zrieka facilitated a live online skills session for the young people engaged with our Step Up Sydney and Step Up Latrobe Valley programs.

Despite there often being a preference for Rugby League in NSW, Haneen encouraged Sydney and Latrobe Valley young people to practice their AFL skills, regardless of the shape of the ball. In the first session of ‘AFL challenges with Haneen’, participants were introduced to Haneen as she spoke about the exercise and nutrition requirements throughout the AFLW season. Haneen shared with the group the various running sessions she has been doing recently and the importance of each session in enhancing different aspects of her game and developing her stamina.

“If you haven’t run before, my suggestion is that you start slowly with timing yourself and eventually challenging yourself over different speeds and distances to see a change in your time. “

Despite gyms currently being closed and access to weights and machines being limited, Haneen suggested to the group to utilise items around the house and using these as added weight to simple body weight exercises such as lunges, squats or push ups.

Haneen’s main take away message for the young people was to understand your body before partaking in the skills component of the session.

“It is important to understand your body and what it needs, to be able to maintain strength, fitness and health. It’s important to remember that meal plans are not one size fits all.”

The group then joined Haneen in a number of fun trick shots, such as spinning a football on your finger like a basketball. Rugby League fans were happy, as Haneen incorporated a number of rugby skills in to the session, including trying to complete rugby pass into a basket. Ladder would like to say a big thanks to Hannen for her ongoing support of the program and the young people involved.