As part of the 'GIANT Hand' project, the GWS GIANTS kindly provided 30 meals last week to distribute across seven households for Ladder Step Up Sydney young people. The GWS project partners with community organisations to provide 1,000 meals per week for the next five weeks to vulnerable community members in Western Sydney impacted by severe lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

Our Step Up Sydney team have done a great job in keeping our young people engaged with daily online activities and check-ins and these meals were just another way we could support them.

Many of our young people were also in for a surprise when GWS GIANTS players Bobby Hill and Xavier O'Halloran phoned them to check in and see how they were going. Our young people were so delighted to hear from them and were so thankful for the unexpected phone call.

We thank the GWS GIANTS for their support of our Ladder Step Up Sydney program.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time.