Kai and Cooper are two friends who graduated from Ladder’s first successful Navigator Pilot program in June this year.

Prior to entering Ladder’s Navigator Pilot program, Kai was lacking motivation, had a poor sleep schedule and was completely disengaged from school. Cooper was on the waiting list at a local Flexible Learning Option (FLO) and was also struggling with his own motivation to engage.

Kai and Cooper joined the program together and this really benefited their learning experience. They both became more disciplined and agreed with each other to attend the program on a regular basis.

Over the course of the 6-week pilot program, participants were supported in 1:1 and group session delivery to identify and progress their individual education goals. In addition to focusing on education outcomes, the program supported participants to increase their health and wellbeing, independent living skills and community connections.

Since graduating from the Navigator program, Kai has returned to school at his local FLO and is currently attending on a full-time basis. He has applied for a number of part-time jobs and is seeking employment outside of his education, something which he said would not have happened prior to completing the Ladder Navigator Pilot program.

“I feel I can listen more in class and focus better. I am waking up early for the first time in my life and have developed a better routine. I feel like I can get up and go to school for the first time in my life.”

Cooper became more disciplined as a result of the program and also attends his local FLO on a full time-basis. He has also taken up boxing sessions three days a week with his friends. Cooper credits the Navigator program for assisting him in becoming a more well-rounded young person.

“Outside of Ladder I have started setting goals for myself and it has gone well. I have also found myself being more grateful for things; I think more about gratitude and what I am grateful for every day.”

Kai and Cooper are continuing to kick goals as program graduates and still hold each other accountable with their attendance at school.