As part of Ladder programs, we provide local industry tours to give our young people exposure to different industries to learn more about what job opportunities are available to them. It is also a great opportunity for participants to connect with their local community and often employment or volunteer opportunities can stem from their initial visit.

Last week, Program 20 participants attended Flavorite in Warragul, a food wholesaler and premium grower, marketer and distributor of glasshouse fresh fruits and vegetables.

The group were shown around Flavorite’s property and learned about the various roles and responsibilities within the organisation. The young people walked around the various Capsicum, Cucumber and Blueberry glasshouses and were provided with an explanation of the responsibilities and processes required to maintain them.

They really enjoyed being out on the property and learning about the different work opportunities at Flavorite. The young people were also fascinated and enjoyed seeing where some of their local vegetables came from.

“It was really cool to see how local vegetables are grown, such an interesting industry! It would be great to get a job in the glasshouse” - Program participant