For one of this week’s program activities, Ladder Step Up Sydney had a creative art session facilitated by Harry, a past participant and program alumni.

Harry began with Ladder in 2021 and has always had a passion for art.

Harry began the session by choosing objects from around the office, some of which included a guitar and some sensory items and instructed the class to pick an object and to draw it from their perspective from where they were seated.

Harry drew some examples on the white board and provided the young people with tips on shading, how to draw certain shapes and encouraged them to accept the imperfections when drawing.

The young people learned so much from Harry and applied the skills they learned to create multiple drawings they were proud of.

It has been great to see Harry’s social and personal development during his time with Ladder.

When Harry first came to Ladder, he was a very shy and reserved young person. Since graduating the program last year, Harry has come out of his shell and has really benefited from the program. He has gone on to become an Alumni Mentor and confidently runs art sessions with program participants and volunteers at his local community centre teaching art classes to school children.

We're so proud of Harry and we look forward to continuing his journey with him.