Carlton Football Club’s Sam Philp recently commenced an internship with Ladder and as part of this, Sam has become the latest Ladder 1:1 mentor for a young person in Ladder’s augmented Reconnect program.

Sam and his mentee (Cooper) met for the first time yesterday and they hit it off straight away, sharing their love for football and Cooper’s connection to the Carlton Football Club. Cooper shared with Sam that he remembers setting foot at Ikon Park frequently as a little boy with his grandfather, who was the grounds keeper at the time.

At their first mentoring catch up, Sam showed Cooper around the Carlton Football Club and its facilities including the indoor gym and field. Cooper also had a chance to catch up with Head Coach Michael Voss as part of the day.

Cooper is looking to secure full-time employment and has dreams of working at the Carlton Football Club one day. He has plans to move from regional Victoria and looks forward to getting advice and support from Sam along the way.

Ladder’s mentoring framework focuses on a young person’s strengths and talents, rather than focusing on their past experiences. Ladder mentoring enhances social cohesion, life skills, increases networks and opportunities for young people, provides a healthier understanding of positive relationships, a sense of belonging and improved connection within the community in which young people live, work and play.

Mentors become a trusted support and advocate and motivate their mentee to achieve their goals. Through this rewarding experience there is significant scope to learn a variety of skills and become a positive role model in a young person’s life.

Cooper has a positive outlook on life and through his new mentor Sam, he will continue kicking goals. We look forward to seeing this friendship grow and the many new experiences and opportunities it provides for both Sam and Cooper.

Find out what they got up to at their first mentoring catch up and what they are both looking forward to from these sessions.