Occasionally we invite special guest speakers to provide additional insights and advice to program participants on specific subject areas. Last week, we invited guests from Bank Australia in Morwell to join Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley Program 20 to deliver a budgeting session with our latest participants.

Our young people learned about saving money and were given tips on items they should prioritise including paying for bills and purchasing food. They completed an individual budget template which was a really simple process for them to manage income.

Program participants also heard from the Bank Australia representative as she described her career journey and the job opportunities available working in the financial services industry.

Financial literacy is just one of the many life skill topics that are incorporated into Ladder programs, to ensure young people are equipped with the skills to live independently and confidently.

"It was really helpful to learn about money, they don't teach this to us in school. I feel more confident about my money" - program participant