Aaliyah has been in care for most of her life and was living in an alternative care arrangement accommodation when she joined the Ladder Step Up Sydney program.

Aaliyah really enjoyed her time in the program and learned how to become more independent through participating in Ladder Development Programs. Aaliyah met new people and made lots of friends, which allowed her to come out of her bubble and practice her social skills. Aaliyah also enjoyed the group activities such as learning how to prepare healthy meals and the one-on-one sessions with her Development Coach.

Aaliyah was extremely grateful for the support she received from her Development Coaches during the program, who also helped her to prepare for and find accommodation.

“My Development Coach helped me move into my new apartment and helped me with my interview for it... I am so thankful for her kindness to help me out whenever I needed it.

Aaliyah is now living independently and utilising the skills she learned from the program in her everyday life.

Ladder has continued to support Aaliyah post the program by supporting her with financial planning and budgeting as well as assisting her to obtain her driver’s license.

Aaliyah's advice to any young person finding their way is to “…always thrive to improve on anything to achieve your life goals”. Aaliyah attributes the Ladder Step Up Sydney program to her newfound confidence and independence. “It’s a very good program. I highly recommend it if you are trying to improve your independent skills. Thumbs up!”.