As part of Ladder’s work to increase job readiness of participants, all young people participate in Ladder’s unique mock interview program. These sessions are vital for program participants to apply the skills they’ve learned throughout the Ladder program and get also get comfortable in more formal interview settings. While interviewing can be a daunting experience, Ladder Development Coaches ensure that participants are fully prepared to make the most of the experience.

Step Up Latrobe Valley participants recently participated in interviews as part of Program 21. In preparation, each young person completed a series of exercises covering communication, resume development and personal confidence.

As part of setting young people to secure and maintain employment, the young people completed each of the following steps: 

  • Select a job of interest
  • Research the role
  • Prepare answers for standard interview questions
  • Dress appropriately
  • Learn to emotionally regulate and calm their nerves
  • Learn how to handle constructive criticism and feedback on their interview.

All program participants did a fantastic and the interviewers were very impressed at the professionalism and determination each young person showed. Development Coaches will continue to support our young people to identify local employment opportunities and support them throughout the application process.