About Jessica

Jessica commenced with Ladder in June 2018, a shy young woman who had been disengaged from education and employment since 2016. At the commencement of the program, Jessica struggled with anxiety and found it particularly difficult engaging in health and wellbeing program activities. With the support of Ladder staff, Jessica became more engaged and understood that participation in health and wellbeing activities like yoga, could build certain skills that she could use to overcome anxious situations she experienced. 

Slowly Jessica’s confidence grew as she began to embrace her passions, including photography, yoga, music and her pets. As part of the Ladder program, Jessica had to identify a work experience opportunity she was interested in. With support from her Development Coach, Jessica applied and w

as accepted to a photography work placement in a local newspaper.  Having tried for two years to identify an employment pathway she was passionate about, it was clear all Jessica needed was the right support and guidance to thrive. Jessica graduated the Ladder program with flying colours with a determination to follow her passions in future work and life.

After her graduation, Jessica was matched with a fantastic local Ladder mentor who continues to support her in many aspects of her life today. Jessica’s mentor works in a community sporting organisation and is someone Jessica can work with to achieve her goals and is also an important support person in Jessica’s life.


As a member of the program alumni, Jessica had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to a group of managers at a local business. Her Development Coach and mentor worked with Jessica to prepare the presentation and given her struggles with anxiety, it was a touching and proud moment to see her excel by sharing her Ladder story on the day.

Jessica's Future Plans

Jessica keeps in regular contact with Ladder. Recently she visited the program beaming with pride as she had been successful in her application for an internship at a local business.  Jessica continues to work hard to achieve her goals and everyone at Ladder couldn’t be prouder to have played an important role in Jessica’s life.