Program 13 graduate interviewed Program 12 alumni Daniel and Charlotte on their experience with the Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley program.

Simone: Why did you first join the Ladder program?

Daniel: I joined Ladder to find my feet in a new environment and hopefully set a path for myself. I did that and more.

Charlotte: The reason why I joined Ladder was because I didn’t like school at all, school just wasn’t my thing and I was falling and thought Ladder would be good to bring me back up and get my life back on track. Ladder actually helped with relationships between family members and the community.

Simone: What was your experience in the Ladder program like?

Daniel: Entirely positive. It was a whole bunch of fun. I didn’t really know what I was in for but once you got past it all it was definitely worth it. The best choice I’ve ever made for sure.

Charlotte: My experience at Ladder was actually really good. I never thought that I would be able to do one program let alone two so that was good. It was all good.

Simone: What is your favourite memory with the Ladder staff or program?

Daniel: Getting to know everyone was the best part of every day but specifically the journey up and down Mt Oberon was the highlight.

Charlotte: My favourite memory was on Zoom and Tara (Ladder Victorian Program Manager) was having a fun day and posing on camera. Also, when Chris (Ladder Development Coach) burnt the steak - it was funny. All of it was pretty good but those are my highlights.

Simone: What are you hoping to do now that you finished the Ladder program?

Daniel: Basically, follow the pathway that Ladder found myself, go to uni and get rich and famous maybe - I’ll give a shout to everyone maybe.

Charlotte: Now that I’ve finished with Ladder I have gotten in to Tafe and I’m studying childcare. After I finish Tafe hopefully I get a job and start my life from there.

Simone: What is one thing that Ladder has taught you?

Daniel: How to feel welcome anywhere, meet new people and the grey are between finding work and going to uni – life skills.

Charlotte: Ladder taught me life skills. They also taught me positive thinking and when you fall or you need help Ladder will always be there help not only me but everyone else in the community.

Simone: What would you say to another young person that is thinking of being a part of the Ladder program?

Daniel: Go for it, 100%. You’ll meet some interesting people but it’s 100% a gain, definitely worth it.

Charlotte: Just go for it, don’t hesitate. I first hesitated but it turned out pretty good so don’t hesitate, put in your best and the Development Coaches will pick you up when you fall.