At just 16 years old Abby has been through far more than any young person should have to experience.

Abby has never slept on a pillow, her greatest wish for her 17th birthday. She has lived in more places than she can count and attended 10 different schools. Coupled with a lack of family support, this left Abby disengaged and barely attending school as she did not see the point in going.

Seeing Abby’s potential, her school welfare team referred her to Ladder where she could find the support she needed and build important connections with her peers.

Throughout her time in the Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley program, Abby was praised for her positive attitude, always showing up with a smile and giving every task 100%.

Abby walked away from the program with new friends, new skills and a newfound confidence that allowed her to pursue opportunities in and outside of school.

Applying what she had learnt in the program, Abby was successful in finding her first job, in fact she found two!

Abby has grown so much through her time with Ladder and has gone from her greatest wish being to own a pillow to sleep on to saving up and purchasing her first car.

“We are so proud of Abby and her personal and professional growth since her journey with us began. Abby fondly tells us today that she cannot wait until COVID-19 is over, for she misses Ladder dearly and cannot wait to visit and show off her new car.“  - Ladder staff member.