Ladder program participants and Alumni members from our Sydney program were kindly invited by community partner GWS GIANTS to attend their AFLW match against the West Coast Eagles on the weekend.

The young people were very excited for this game because they were invited to take part in a once in a lifetime experience, to stand in the Guard of Honour and cheer on the GWS GIANTS players as they ran onto the field. One young person had travelled two hours via public transport so he wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

"Wow I am so excited to be here! The GIANTS are my favourite team. I am a little nervous as I have never done anything like this before, it's pretty cool!” – program participant. 

The young people were met by the GIANTS entourage and listened attentively to the instructions given about the event. They were handed flags and access passes and were led out on to the field. They waved their flags proudly as the players joined them on the field and it was a moment they will never forget. The excitement continued as they took to their seats and watched the game. 

For one of our more reserved young people, this event seemed like a challenging task however he was able to draw on his self-belief and took everything in his stride. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and was so thankful for taking part. 

“I really got out of my comfort zone this week. We went to the Blue Mountains and now this AFLW Game! It's great I can say what I did over the holidays when I go back to school.” – program participant. 


A big thank you to the GWS GIANTS for making this opportunity possible for our young people and for an experience they will never forget.