Henry* referred into the Ladder program at the age of 20, to gain support in employment, financial support, housing and his overall health.

When Henry came to Ladder, he had inadequate living conditions and was sleeping on the floor. He had mainly lived in residential care for 13 years under the care of the Minister. After leaving care at 18, Henry received a victim of crimes payment, which he quickly depleted due to a lack of financial literacy and money management. Henry also needed mental health support and had anger issues, with a pending court appearance.

After an initial phone consultation, Ladder scheduled a meeting to ensure Henry’s needs were met immediately.

Ladder arranged for a bed, linen, furniture and food hampers for Henry and for a new job search provider, resulting in the reactivation of his Centrelink payment and correct entitlements from the NSW Government.

Ladder also communicated with Henry's After Care Specialist to advocate on his behalf as he had not received items outlined in his Leaving Care Financial Plan. Despite not having an allocated case manager, one was quickly appointed, and Ladder and Henry’s case manager collaborated to ensure implementation and payment of all items in his plan.

Henry engaged in regular sessions with his Ladder Development Coach focussing on employment, education and training, health and wellbeing and independent living skills. He also participated in weekly one-on-one and group mentoring sessions which covered topics including financial literacy, interview skills, self-care, healthy relationships, emotional regulation and sleep hygiene.

During his second session with Ladder, Henry was referred to a General Practitioner for a Mental Health Care Plan and he was added to the Housing Register. Ladder assisted Henry to obtain clothing and enrolled him in a program for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Ladder provided transport to program sessions and advocated for Henry's needs in court, resulting in a positive outcome for his case.

Ladder also facilitated Henry's enrolment in an Open College fast track qualification course to obtain relevant certifications and provided ongoing encouragement and support that assisted Henry in successfully achieving these qualifications.

Henry had been making positive progress in various aspects of his life with the support of Ladder. As a result, Henry's level of need for intensive assistance was discussed with him and decreased.

Unfortunately, an incident involving a disagreement with his mother and a subsequent altercation with his partner, led to police involvement and legal proceedings. With Ladder’s assistance, Henry attended court and was issued an 18-month Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) in relation to his behaviour against his partner and was assigned a corrections officer. Recognising the need for additional support during this time, Ladder provided Henry with intensive assistance to help him get back on track and as well as help manage his anger issues.

Through Ladder’s ongoing support and Henry’s determination, he successfully obtained a full-time position in the hospitality industry. He also graduated from the Ladder program in December 2023 and is currently a member of the Ladder Alumni program, receiving continued support and assistance when required. Additionally, Henry has consistently attended his appointments with his correctional officer and has had no violations.

During his involvement in the Ladder program, Henry has shown significant personal growth, displaying confidence, professionalism, and commitment. He has continued to kick goals and actively engages in social activities as part of the Alumni program and has now become a mentor to new participants.

*Not his real name or photo.