One of Ladder’s core program pillars is to support young people to engage or re-engage with education, employment and training.


For some young people joining the Ladder program, having access to key documents such as a birth certificate or tax file number have not been possible and can therefore create a barrier to gaining employment. We also understand that young people may find the application process for these key documents both daunting and challenging. Ladder Development Coaches work one on one with each program participant to acquire the relevant documentation for them to succeed in gaining employment.  


Ladder Development Coaches have supported program participants to obtain or create other key documentation such as resumes, setting up a Seek job account, job applications, getting a bank account or getting their Learners permit, Probationary and Driver’s licence.  


David joined Ladder’s augmented Reconnect program this year wanting assistance in finding employment. David was aware to secure employment in his industry of choice, he required a driving licence. Ladder supported David by not only applying for construction jobs but by organising driving lessons and preparing David for his driving test. Through his persistence and Ladder’s support, David recently obtained his Probationary licence.


“Ladder helped me get over the obstacle of booking in my licence and sitting the test….I did it, finally!”


Having his Probationary licence has now opened up job opportunities for David. David recently met with an employer who had offered him some work experience in the construction trade. The work involves travelling between multiple rural sites and David is now able to get himself to and from the different jobs.


David has gained a newfound confidence in himself and is looking forward to building up his skills in his new job.