What is a Ladder Foyer?

Foyers are learning and accommodation centres for young people who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless. They are designed so that young people can take control of their lives, proving support to help them overcome the barriers that they may otherwise experience.

Ladder Foyers are holistic and offer:
• Affordable housing
• Support and security
• Personal skills development
• Mentoring
• Education and training opportunities
• Work experience and job opportunities.

Find out more about where we work: Ladder Geelong, and Ladder St Vincent Street.

The deal

To be part of a Ladder Foyer, young people sign up to a ‘something for something’ deal. They agree to get into, and stay in education, employment and training.

In return, Ladder gives young people the support, opportunities and networks they need to help them reach their potential. This means Ladder provides housing and support to study, to train and to work, and other opportunities for self development.


Our Foyers contain mostly self-contained apartments which are fully furnished. The apartment complex typically includes a common area and a communal kitchen in addition to cooking facilities within each apartment.

Each young person is expected to contribute to their rental costs, which helps them to build up a rental history when they transition to independent living upon leaving the foyer.

Individual Development Plan

Each young person is asked to develop a plan with assistance from Ladder Development Coaches within the first two weeks of moving into a Ladder Foyer. The plan outlines what they hope to achieve and get out of their time at Ladder.

The plan isn’t set in stone; it is reviewed on a monthly basis to see how the young person is progressing or if the plan needs to be altered depending on changes in their life.

Ladder Programs

Individual and group programs are offered at all of our Foyers with a focus on Health & Wellbeing; Skills development; Education, Training and Employment access; and Mentoring.