Sarah Humberstone - Administration Assistant, Step Up Sydney

Sarah is a relatively new member to the Ladder Step Up Sydney team. 

As a Masters of Social Health and Counselling graduate Sarah has come to realise that her passion lies in helping vulnerable and disadvantaged populations cope with life’s many challenges whether that be through a friendly voice on the end of a phone line, providing a great customer experience, or through face-to-face counseling and support. 

Previously, Sarah worked as an Administration Officer for a small private practice in Western Sydney supporting young people with learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties using ABA therapy. 

The one thing Sarah has always known she’d like to do with her life is to help people in particular, those in need. Noting a need for extra support within the community, Sarah developed a 7-week writing course for a local domestic and family violence service where she taught survivors of abuse how to write their stories as a form of therapy. Like Mayu Angelou, Sarah believes, “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. It’s one of the reasons Sarah ventured into tutoring and the writing industry. Later, becoming an Author, Ghost Writer and Editor.

Sarah is excited to see what her future holds with Ladder Step Up Sydney. She brings with her an innate desire to see others succeed in fulfilling their potential despite any adversity they may face, and a wish to empower and support young people within the community to flourish in any way she can.