Sarah - Development Coach, Step Up Latrobe Valley

Sarah joined the Ladder team in September 2019 as a Development Coach for Step Up Latrobe Valley. Sarah is extremely passionate about the local community and joined Ladder as an opportunity to have positive impact on young people within the Latrobe Valley.

Sarah’s passion for supporting young people goes beyond the Ladder office with her nearing her graduation in a Bachelor of Education. Sarah is currently partaking in her fourth year placement, where much like her role with Ladder she is helping young people to transition into the next phase of their life.

Sarah’s fondest memories of Ladder comes from her encounters with program participants outside of the Ladder office. Entering a random store to be served by a program participant or bumping into them in the community, Sarah loves being able to hear about previous participants achieving their goals.

Sarah’s ability to connect with young people is the centre point to her ongoing hard work and dedication with Ladder. Her ability to always put the young people first, ensuring every young person has an opportunity to succeed and creating an environment where everyone is welcome is something her peers admire about her work.