Farzana - NSW State Manager

Farzana is the NSW State Manager and has worked in the Non for-profit sector for over 16 years in both the UK and Australia. Farzana holds a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Criminal Justice and completed her Diploma in Leadership and Management in 2019. Prior to joining Ladder Step up Sydney, Farzana was a House Manager in Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC) for Marist180.

Farzana is passionate about supporting people in the community and being able to make a positive impact in their lives. Farzana’s colleagues would describe her as empathetic, supportive, hardworking and a great mentor. Farzana believes that everyone has the right to live, to be free and to feel safe.

Farzana thrives when working alongside passionate and dedicated people. Farzana is witty and has a great sense of humour, which enables her to build solid rapport with those she works with. There is never a dull moment in the Ladder Step up Sydney office when Farzana is around!

Farzana admires young people who turn up to the program regardless of what has been occurring in their personal life and yet who still give 110% to the sessions. This shows the hard work that Farzana and her team do, has a positive impact on the young people’s lives.