Chris - Senior Development Coach, Step Up Latrobe Valley

Chris is Latrobe Valley born and raised, a true local with a passion for the community. So, when the opportunity came for Chris to join the Ladder team in March 2020, Chris jumped at the chance to be a Development Coach.

Chris initially identified a clear passion to help young people work toward and achieve their goals through his football coaching commitments at the Churchill Football Netball Club where he works closely with young people in the sporting scene. He feels a great level satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment every time he is able to work with a young person to better themselves.

On reflection of his time at Ladder, a clear highlight for Chris is the Step Up Latrobe Valley graduations. Chris enjoys the opportunity for staff, young people and stakeholders to come together to celebrate the achievements and improvements each young person has made through their Ladder journey. Chris recognises the significance of expressing to the young people the pride staff have for their growth and commitment.

Chris is the rock of the Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley team. His ability to connect with staff, stakeholders and most importantly, young people, allow him to positively impact the youth of Latrobe Valley and help shape the future of the community.

In the midst of the unpredictably which was 2020, Chris and his partner Taylah introduced their first-born child, Ari, into the world. Outside of the Ladder office, Chris can be found spending time with his beautiful new family, his friends or on a footy oval, cricket pitch or golf course.