Mikaela - Development Coach, Step Up Latrobe Valley

Mikaela started with Ladder October 2022. Mikaela is passionate about helping others work towards and achieve their goals. She is a positive, supportive and encouraging individual who will be able to help the young people in an impactful way. 

In Mikaela’s spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors doing activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving. Mikaela is also very passionate about health and fitness. She enjoys attending the gym, taking her dog for walks, and playing netball with her local team. Fun fact about Mikaela is she has a pet tarantula.

Mikaela has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and is continuing her study in this field. This degree has provided and continues to provide Mikaela with a range of skills that are beneficial as a Development Coach to ensure the young people receive optimal support and assistance.