Liam’s family life had always lacked consistency and stability but at the beginning of 2020 things got even worse. His family relationships broke down completely and it was no longer safe for him to remain in the family home.

Leaving his life behind, Liam moved 200km away from home to live with his relatives. He knew no one else in the area and was unable to use social media to stay connected with anyone back home.

Liam was referred to Ladder by WorkWays Employment Agency. He was apprehensive about the program and didn’t see what it was going to help him achieve.

Despite being self-described as awkward and unsure, within a week Liam changed dramatically not only interacting with his peers and Ladder staff but enjoying their company.

Throughout the program, Liam continuously challenged himself and worked hard to achieve his goals – he was even able to conquer his fear of heights! He gained employment within the community, working at night and participating in Step Up during the day.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Liam was made redundant. However, he did not let this get him down instead using this time to complete a training course, work on his physical and mental health and improve his independent living skills.

Liam’s mentor played a big role in his success during this time, providing support and guidance. They continued to stay in contact even under Victoria’s lockdown restrictions.

During lockdown, Liam also experienced some challenges with his new living arrangements and decided he would like to secure new accommodation. This was difficult due to the cost of living independently however with the support of Ladder staff Liam was referred to Berry Street Goals program and was eligible for supported accommodation.

Currently, Liam has secured a new full-time job, is living independently and maintains regular contact with his mentor and Ladder staff. He is working towards his new goals of quitting smoking and getting into the finance industry.

Even after everything 2020 has thrown at him, Liam continues to tackle every challenge head on. He has shown great resilient and achieved so much which he attributes to his connections and involvement with Ladder.