Ladder Step Up Online is an online group mentoring program that builds young people’s competency across key life domains.

This pilot program is delivered weekly to young people who are looking to set themselves up for future independence. Key program areas include goal setting, independent living skills, health and wellbeing and employment planning.

The uniqueness of the Step Up Online program comes from the way in which Ladder supporters from across the AFL industry and corporate sector directly engage with program participants and assist in helping them achieve their goals.

An evaluation of the program highlights the positive outcomes young people experience, including:

  • 68% of participants felt a greater sense of self-efficacy
  • 73% of participants felt more connected to those around them and their communities
  • 78% of participants felt more aware and knowledgeable of their health and wellbeing
  • 73% of participants felt a greater sense of belonging
  • 80% of participants would recommend this program to a friend
  • 83% of participants were either satisfied or very satisfied with Step Up Online.

Feedback from partner organisations:

“Great lesson today! I know our clients will benefit from this course – it’s great life skills and to learn from professionals in other industries. It is awesome.” The Salvation Army Employment Plus NSW

“It’s been a great session. Awesome to see them participating. Wow, great feedback from the participants as well! I’m really enjoying the sessions myself.” The Salvation Army Employment Plus Vic

Refer A Young Person

It's simple - just click here to complete the registration form.

Registrations can come from anyone in the community - agencies, a family member or friend, a coach or young people can self-register.

Young people must be aged 16 - 24 to participate. 

To find out more about the Ladder Step Up Online program, email [email protected]