What is Ladder?

Ladder is a leading not-for-profit youth organisation who, with the support of the AFL industry, provides evidence-based mentoring and development programs to young Australians at-risk or experiencing disadvantage.

How did Ladder start?

Ladder was founded by 3 AFL players who were inspired to make a difference to the lives of young people experiencing disadvantage, by harnessing the support of the AFL industry’s profile, networks and players.

To this day, Ladder is the Official Charity of AFL Players and is a National Tier One Charity partner of the AFL. Past and present AFL and AFLW players support Ladder as staff, Board Directors, mentors and volunteers.

As the official charity of AFL Players, every senior AFL player donates $25 of their match fee to Ladder at every game. This amounts to over $217,000 per year.

How many young people did Ladder support in 2018?

Ladder supported 366 young people aged 16-25 in 2018 across four key areas: health and wellbeing; personal development; mentoring; and work and study.

What is Ladder Mentoring?

Ladder Mentoring involves a select group of AFL players, business and community leaders who are supported by Ladder to develop a positive and meaningful relationship with a young person. They become a trusted support and advocate and motivate the young person to achieve their goals.

To get involved or to find out more, please visit here.

What is Ladder Step Up?

Ladder Step Up is a program model that supports an identified cohort of young people to build their foundational living skills, connect with the community, increase in confidence and build their capacity to engage in education, employment and training pathways. There are currently two Ladder Step Up programs operating in NSW and Victoria; Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley and Ladder Step Up Sydney.

Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley is a six-week program where young people will learn from those in the AFL industry about how to get the best out of themselves and secure a job that they aspire to. Young people will participate in individual and group development sessions, group camps, community projects and have job taster opportunities. Find out more here.

The Ladder Step Up Sydney program helps young people experiencing out-of-home care to develop foundational life skills, improve their health and wellbeing and builds their capacity to engage in education, employment and training pathways. Group and individual mentoring will be provided to program participants to support and motivate them to achieve their identified goals. Through our AFL industry partnerships, including an official partnership with the GWS GIANTS, young people will be provided with unique experiences and opportunities that will help build their community connections. Program participants must be between the ages of 15 – 20, be experiencing out-of-home care and be willing and able to engage in the program. The program will run two days a week for 8 weeks. After this, young people can access support and advice from a mentor for up to 26 weeks. Find out more here.

What is Empower Youth?

Empower Youth is designed to help at risk youth, aged 16-24, to develop and increase confidence throughout an eight to ten week program in life skills such as health and wellbeing, living and employability.

How do young people get referred to Ladder?

Referrals for our Ladder Step Up and Empower Youth programs can come from anyone in the community - agencies, a family member or friend, a coach or young people can self-refer. Please get in touch with the relevant Ladder site using the details on our Contacts page.

How is Ladder funded?

Ladder relies heavily on fundraising, community, philanthropic, corporate and Government support to deliver its services to young people in need. You can support Ladder by making a donation today by clicking here

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved with Ladder. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share our campaigns, volunteer or make a donation. Find out more at our Support us page.

Who can I speak to at Ladder?

General enquires should be sent through our contacts page, email: info@ladder.org.au or give us a call on 03 9416 0064. Details for all of our sites cans be found on our Contacts page.