As the end of the financial year rapidly approaches, we urge you to make a donation to Ladder today. Many of the young people we support have disengaged from education, employment and society. Your tax-deductible donation is crucial in enabling us to provide positive intervention at critical times in their lives.

Every donation, no matter the size, is vital. It allows us to run essential programs that curb disengagement and provide critical support to young people in need. Our initiatives have positively impacted many lives, but without your support, we cannot continue to create the future these young people deserve.

Your donation makes an immediate, tangible difference:

  • Maddy receives essential resources to support her living independently.
  • Ben enjoys a communal dinner, fostering community connection.
  • Felicity engages in a 1:1 mentoring session with an assigned Development Coach to set her goals.
  • Oliver participates in a health and wellbeing session and works towards improving his physical and mental health.


We are relying on the generosity of individuals like you to sustain our initiatives. Your donation directly funds our programs, continuously supporting young people and fostering their engagement with the broader society. Your generosity, whether through small or large donations, is deeply appreciated and is critical to their wellbeing.

Time is of the essence. Together, we can make a profound difference. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to help us continue our vital work.

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