Youth Mentoring Week

The Ladder Mentoring program provides an amazing opportunity to become a positive role model and a chance to positively impact a young person’s life. The program involves a select group of AFL players, business and community leaders who are supported by Ladder to develop a positive and meaningful relationship with a young person.

Mentors become a trusted support and advocate for young people and movtivate them to achieve their goals. Ladder's approach to working with young people is to focus on their strengths and what they can achieve, moving away from the cycle of disadvantage and negativity they may have experienced in their lives. Ladder Mentoring is about developing self-confidence and helping young people to identify and achieve their life goals.

To celebrate Youth Mentoring Week, Ladder is showcasing one of our most beneficial mentoring relationships to date. The relationship has been built around care, friendship, passion and positivity.

Jemma and Steph’s relationship represents the importance of a positive and meaningful mentor/mentee relationship. With the support of Ladder, Jemma and Steph’s relationship continues to blossom as both develop and learn from one another.

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