What Ladder means to me

Lauren Thompson

Sharna is busy studying to become a paramedic, but is also working with Ladder to create a healthy and fun lifestyle for herself.

Focussing on her health and wellbeing, including learning to cook nutritious meals and taking part in weekly personal training sessions, is one part of the program Sharna enjoys most.

“Ladder helps create a life for yourself that you want to wake up to in the morning,” she says.

Sharna says being involved with Ladder has made a huge difference to her life, with her ongoing interaction with mentors being a key factor in this change.

“One of the biggest things is, Ladder is constantly introducing us to people who are successful. Being surrounded by these people make you realise these things are possible to do,” she says.

Sharna is doing an amazing job of using this inspiration as motivation to achieve her own goals. By the end of her time in the foyer, Sharna hopes to be “fully qualified, in secure housing, and living a life I'm happy to live”.

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