Taking Healthy Steps Week 4


It's important for everyone, athlete or not, to make sure they eat a diverse range of food. Having a balanced diet can have an affect on your general health and wellbeing. Eating well gives you energy and can aid with your mood and sleep. In the long term, it can help prevent the onset of certain diseases.
Melbourne Demons player, Melissa Hickey uses food as a way to catch up with friends, "I love good food and coffee, so going out for dinner and brunch with friends is a great way to relax".

Making sure you get enough of the good food and having less junk food is ideal.

And remember, all things in moderation!

AFLW players tip on mental health:

“Food helps you to become who you are, EAT IT! It's your fuel that keeps you going so choose the healthy option and you will see all aspects of your life change for the better!” Taryn Priestly 2016-7 player at Fremantle FC.

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