Taking Healthy Steps Week 3

Mental Health

The third week of our 'taking healthy steps' series is all about mental health. Having a healthy mind can help you have a happier outset on life and it allows you to cope when things become difficult.

Being health in the mind is just as important being physically health. Tayla Harris from the Carlton Football Club agrees and says that if you "consider making mental health gains as important as physical, you will exceed your expectations".

There are many ways to keep your mind healthy. You can do meditation and relaxation techniques, exercise or do something you enjoy, like catching up with friends.

Please remember, if you feel like you’re not coping, you can always speak to a trusted person or ask for help.

AFLW players tip on mental health:

In order to keep yourself thinking positively, Emma Grant from the Collingwood Football Club suggests that “each night before you go to sleep, say aloud 3 things you were grateful for that day".